General information about PAO Sovcomflot

Full name of the Company

PAO Sovcomflot

Number and date of issue of the certificate of state registration as a legal entity

Registered by the Moscow Registration Chamber on 18 December 1995 (certificate series BB No. 039.329 dated 18 December 1995). Information on state registration was entered in the Unified State Register of Legal Entities on 31 July 2002, primary state registration number (PSRN) 1027739028712 (certificate series 77 No. 007866796 on the entry of a record in the Unified State Register of Legal Entities on a legal entity registered before 1 July 2002).

Place of registration

3A Moyka River Embankment, St. Petersburg, 191186, Russia

Address of the standalone division in Moscow

6 Gasheka Street, Moscow, 125047, Russia

Contact telephone

+7 (495) 660 40 00


+7 (495) 660 40 99

E-mail address


Main lines of business
  • Consultancy services, including:
    • Planning and organising the transport of cargo and passengers;
    • Advising on the current status and development outlook of different segments of the shipping market;
    • Developing promising projects in the shipping sector;
    • Advising on vessel purchase and sale transactions;
    • Marketing, studying the state of the market and working with cargo owners;
    • Advising on insurance issues and arranging insurance coverage;
    • Participation in negotiations to achieve operational goals and preparing corresponding draft documents and agreements; preparing draft corporate and contractual documents;
    • Reviewing draft documentation regarding different types of contracts, transactions, including vessel purchase and sale financing, ordering from shipyards, refinancing, etc.;
    • Conducting legal analysis of issues in dispute;
    • Organising audit;
    • Managing payments and advising on financial issues;
    • Representing the client at conferences and seminars dedicated to the shipping industry and transport systems;
    • Other business development activities.
  • Participation in other entities
Information on the inclusion in the list of strategic enterprises and joint-stock companies

The company was included in the list of strategic joint-stock companies by Decree No. 1009 of the President of the Russian Federation dated 4 August 2004 "On approval of the list of strategic enterprises and strategic joint-stock companies"

Company headcount

109 (at the end of the reporting period)

Full name and address of the registrar

Joint-Stock Company "Independent Registrar Company R.O.S.T." 18 Stromynka Str., bldg 5B, Moscow 107076, Russia

Amount of authorised capital

2,374,993,901 roubles

Total number of shares


The number of ordinary shares; par value of ordinary shares

2,374,993,901 ordinary registered uncertified shares with a par value of 1 (one) rouble each

State registration number of the issue of ordinary shares and date of state registration

1-01-10613-А; date of assignment of state registration number to the issue of securities: 27 November 2007; date of state registration of the issue: 22 August 1996

State registration number of the additional issue of ordinary shares and date of state registration

1-01-10613-А; 22 November 2008

The number of preferred shares; par value of preferred shares

PAO Sovcomflot did not issue preferred shares.

Number of shares owned by the Russian Federation


Share of the Russian Federation in the authorised capital (ordinary shares and preferred shares)

The Russian Federation owns 82.8% of the ordinary shares of PAO Sovcomflot. The Company did not issue preferred shares

Existence of the special right of the Russian Federation to participate in the company’s management (the “Golden Share”).

The Russian Federation does not have the special right to participate in the management of PAO Sovcomflot (the “Golden Share”).

Full name and address of the Company’s auditor

Ernst & Young Limited Liability Company. 77 Sadovnicheskaya Embankment, bldg. 1, Moscow 115035, Russia

Servicing bank

VTB Bank (PAO), Saint Petersburg

Legal advisors

INCE & Co International LLP, U.K.

Reed Smith LLP, U.K.

Holman, Fenwick & Willian, U.K.

Watson, Farley & Williams LLP, U.K.

Reynolds Porter Chamberlain LLP, U.K.

Jurinflot Law Firm, Russia

Pepelyaev Group LLC, Russia

Shchekin & Partners LLC, Russia

Code of the Issuer's principal economic activity according to OKVED (Russian Classification of Economic Activities)


Operating period of the Company in the respective sector

32 years