Interaction with investors

PAO Sovcomflot shares represent a vehicle for investment in predictable and growing long-term infrastructure projects. The free float amounts to 15.6% of the outstanding shares listed on the Moscow Exchange. The Company has a diversified investor base, which includes both international and local funds, as well as private individuals.

PAO Sovcomflot is committed to regular interaction with existing and potential investors. In 2020 the Company established an Investor Relations Department responsible for maintaining regular and open communication with the market. This interaction carried out with the participation of top management of PAO Sovcomflot includes group and individual calls with investors, meetings, and participation in specialised conferences. Such meetings allow investors, analysts and representatives of international rating agencies to receive information on the vector of the Company’s strategic development, its operating activities and management of financial resources directly from company management.

The website of PAO Sovcomflot has a dedicated section for investors and shareholders containing press releases, presentations, reports and regular disclosures, as well as contact details of analysts and an investor calendar.

Analytical coverage of the Company is currently provided by 6 investment banks. PAO Sovcomflot interacts with analysts from investment banks on a regular basis. As of the date on which this report was preliminarily approved, all investment banks hold on to a «buy» recommendation for the PAO Sovcomflot shares.

PAO Sovcomflot share price and trading volume during the period from October to December 2020